Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Screen Resolution - Whats that?

While working with web pages for my business, Ledyard Consulting and having friends test them, I often get reports back that they can't see a part of the web page and have to use their scroll bars to see the complete page. There is a simple solution to this and that is changing your screen resolution.

A non-technical explanation of screen resolution would be it is what makes your letters and words look large or small but gives you less or more viewing room. A low-resolution would mean not much space to view things like when you look at a web page it cuts graphics off on the left side and bottom. Though the bottom is always cut of no matter the resolution, you can improve the right side. A high-resolution would mean you can see more of the page with out having to scroll so much.

When you look at web pages and find that you can't see very much of the content of that page without using your bottom or side scroll bar, then maybe you should try changing your screen resolution.

Your screen resolution can easily be changed by right clicking anywhere on your desktop. Let me give you the quick guide.

1. Right click on the Desktop
2. Click on Properties or (Vista) Personalize
3. Click on Settings Tab or (Vista) Click on Display Settings
4. Screen resolution slider click and hold and drag

After you right click on the Desktop you will see a menu come up. On the menu you will click on "Properties". If you use Vista you can click on "Personalize". Now you should see a window with tabs if you are using XP click on Settings. In Vista you will see a list and you will need to click on "Display Settings". After clicking on "Settings" or "Display Settings" you should now see a window and in that window in the bottom left area you will see a slider. If you click and hold on that slider you can change your display settings by moving the slider to the left or to the right. A good setting to start out with is "1024 by 768" and and then you can increase it by going to "1280 by 1024". What this does for you is gives you more room on your desktop. You can see more of the web page or more of the document that you where working on.

Now sometimes people say,"My screen is too small. I can't see anything". There is a program that you can use but I have never liked it. It is a magnifier. If it is installed you will find it by going to "Start", "All Programs", "Accessories", "Accessibility" then Magnifier. Check it out maybe you will like it.

By John Ledyard
Ledyard Consulting
Computer, Network and SQL dB consultant
Elk Grove, CA

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